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Board Of Appeals

Board of Appeals - 2015 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
1/16/15 Mahmood Pradhan and Deborah Lynn Perry A-6445
1/30/15 Family Pet Veterinary Practice, LLC S-2874
1/30/15 Faik and Lauren Tugberk S-2875
2/5/15 Kelly Trippe A-6447
2/13/15 Perry and Judith Linder A-6449
2/25/15 John and June Hillegas and Rachel Neve A-6448
3/10/15 Victory Crossing S-2873
3/16/15 Jenny Tsang and Keat Yam Yeoh A-6451
3/16/15 DASH 50W, LLC. A-6452
4/2/15 James Mich and Tracy Denning A-6454
4/3/15 Costco Wholesale Corporation S-2863
8/14/15 Edward Q. Goddard A-6470

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