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Retail Starter Kit

Use this kit as a general overview of what it would take to open a retail store in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Beyond the general steps required to  start your business there are certain considerations that specifically apply to retail businesses.

If you are planning to buy or lease space for a retail store, be sure to check the County's zoning information to ensure that retail activities are permitted at the proposed location.

You also should check to be sure the location you are considering has a current  Use & Occupancy Certificate and that it matches your intended use. 

If you decide to build your own space, you will need to familiarize yourself with the County’s zoning regulations and policies as well as permitting requirements.


Montgomery County and jurisdictions throughout the country use zoning as part of an overall approach to strategically regulating land use. The zoning code is used to regulate the form (size, shape height and mass) of a building and the uses that are allowed on the property.

Montgomery County Planners have rewritten the County's zoning code and have modernized zoning regulations. They have created a new interactive  digital zoning map to look up zoning and property information.

Additional Resources

Before you sign!

Careful planning before signing a lease can help avoid errors that could result in unexpected costs and delays.


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