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Re-Entry Collaborative Case Management

Montgomery County Correctional Facility
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The Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) releases more than 5,000 sentenced inmates each year, back to the streets of our community.  Many of these individuals will have participated in treatment, educational and pre-employment programs while in the facility and this population tends to function well in a structured environment.  However, without good supportive services post-release they often will relapse into past criminal behaviors.  The next logical step for MCCF is the “reach beyond the walls” to form collaborative partnerships with a team of existing service providers to ensure a continuum of post-release care.
The MCCF Re-Entry Collaborative Case Management (CCM) Group was established and held its first bi-weekly meeting on February 22, 2006.  The objective of the meetings is to provide coordination of direct services to offenders reentering our community after a period of incarceration.  The group is comprised of local corrections (MCCF Case Mangers, treatment staff and a Social Worker), Mont. Co. Police, Parole & Probation, human service agencies, local non-profit, and faith based organizations.  The collaborative involves bridging potential “gaps” to provide an effective continuum of post-release services to the ex-offender and their families.  The Re-Entry Unit Social Worker then coordinates linkage to these critical support services.  A Re-Entry Unit Benefit Specialist is available to assist both the offender and their family in connecting or re-connecting with entitlements. The collaboration of the individuals in this group has provided a quantum leap forward in providing much needed coordination of direct service delivery

During the bi-weekly meetings, appropriate service needs are identified and discussed.  Identified needs may include: substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, medical treatment, housing and homeless services, family reintegration, legal reporting requirements, and pre-employment training.  In addition to identifying offender needs, available community resources to meet those needs are identified and initial contact is established.  In many instances, then potential treatment provider is represented as a CCM group member and plans are initiated to begin services immediately.  This is an attempt to match the offender with the most appropriate services immediately, therefore reducing the redundancy of services, and social costs.  These proactive steps greatly increase the offenders’ chances of successful reintegration into the community by both setting the appointments up in advance and allowing the opportunity for the offender to meet and connect with his or her service provider face to face before release to the community.

The CCM meetings have been instrumental in providing a more efficient post release service delivery system for this high risk population.  The improved use of existing resources ultimately results in a societal cost savings to the taxpayer.


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