Montgomery County Council

News Release

July 13, 1999


A Statement on the County Executive's Response on the Working Poor

"I applaud Mr. Duncanís response to the issue of the Working Poor that has been brought to the fore by the Living Wage movement. We are making a difference.

"His response is a supplement, not a substitute, for the Living Wage. We can and should and will do both.

"More assistance for programs is great but the best anti-poverty Ďprogramí is a job that pays above the poverty level. A Living Wage rewards work and empowers working men and women. A Living Wage makes workers less dependent on government assistance.

"Letís put more money in the pockets of the working poor. The County should use its modest leverage to make sure its tax dollars donít subsidize poverty-level wages."

Bobbi Walton, (240) 777-7983