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Thursday, February 26:  The 9:00am PS/ED meeting to discuss truancy is cancelled; the 9:30am PS Committee meeting is postponed to 10:00am;  HHS/PHED postponed to 10:00am;   HHS postponed to 10:45am.

FY13 Operating Budget Updates

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FY 13-18 CIP Council Meetings
5/17/12  Capital budget Wrap-Up & CIP Reconciliation
5/15/12  Cost Sharing & State Match Community Grants
5/14/12  General Government (ALARF, Energy Systems Modernizations)
5/14/12  MNCPPC
4/24/12  Parking Lot Districts
4/17/12 UPDATE - FY13-18 Capital Improvements Program
4/17/12 Smart Growth projects: Public Safety Headquarters and Public Safety Training Academy
4/17/12 Silver Spring Library project
4/17/12 General Government - Technology Modernization
4/10/12 MNCPPC Headquarters project
4/10/12 Wheaton Redevelopment project - Addendum
3/27/12  Montgomery County Public School
3/27/12  MCPS Food Distribution Facility; Food Services Equipment Replacement; MCPS Bus Depot and Maintenance Relocation; MCPS & M-NCPPC Maintenance Facilities Relocation
3/20/12 Wheaton Community Recreation Center and Library
3/20/12 Libraries
3/20/12 Health and Human Services
3/20/12 Public Arts Trust
3/20/12 FiberNet
3/20/12 Public Safety System Modernization
3/20/12 Integrated Justice Information System
3/20/12 General Government: Economic Development projects (includes Universities at Shady Grove)
3/20/12 Conservation of Natural Resources - agricultural land preservation
3/20/12 Parks


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