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Business and Technology

B & T: Business and Technology

Cases involving high-tech industries present unique challenges for the Circuit Court in its ability to make judgments on these emerging technology and new business models while following legal precedents.  In order to assist judges in their ability to efficiently and effectively resolve business disputes arising from advances in bioscience, aerospace, and information technology, the Maryland Judiciary has established the Maryland Business and Technology Case Management Program.  Judges who hear Business and Technology ("B&T") cases receive extensive training and are equipped with the required resources to effectively preside over these matters.

Moreover, in response to the increasing volume of such cases in Montgomery County, the Circuit Court has developed a "B&T" Track to monitor the progress of these cases so that they are heard and processed in the most efficient manner.  Currently, Montgomery County Circuit Court has three such “B&T” judges who are qualified to hear cases assigned to the track.  A case will be assigned to the "B&T" track if it presents commercial or technological issues of such a complex or novel nature that specialized treatment is likely to improve the administration of justice (Maryland Rule 16-205(c)).

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