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Department of General Services, Division of Building Design and Construction

David F. Bone Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center (EMTOC)

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Show the project location in google map16700 Crabs Branch Way
Rockville, MD 20855

EMTOC - perspective view from Shady Grove and Crabbs Branch Way

Funding/Expenditure Schedule


Project Team

Baker and Associates
3601 Eisenhower Ave. 6th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22304
Construction Contractor
Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc.
7475 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 900
Bethesda, MD 20814

Montgomery County Government
Department of General Services

Office of Special Projects
Hamid Omidvar, AIA, Chief
Project Manager
Rassa Davoodpour

This project is completed.

Project Status and Schedule:

Design Start5/1/2009
Construction Start5/18/2011
Occupancy Completed10/20/2013

Construction Progress Images:

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EMTOC - construction progress image 4
EMTOC - construction progress image 5
EMTOC - construction progress image 8
EMTOC - construction progress image 10
EMTOC - construction progress image 11
EMTOC - construction progress image 12
EMTOC - construction progress image 13
EMTOC - construction progress image 16
EMTOC - construction progress image 18
EMTOC - construction progress image 20

EMOC is the first of Smart Growth Initiative (SGI) projects revitalizing an old industrial area by creating an urban village near the Shady Grove Metro.

The Shady Grove Sector Plan, approved by the County Council in 2005, calls for transitioning the area around the Shady Grove Metro from light industrial uses to transit-oriented development. To accomplish this goal, the County Service Park facilities, which are located in the heart of the planning area along Crabbs Branch Way, must be relocated.

The EMOC project is actually a collection of 13 buildings that will serve the Department of Transportation’s divisions of Transit Services and Highway Services, the Department of General Services and provide a Day Labor Center. The facilities include administrative buildings; bus parking for 200 buses; bus service lanes; bus wash facility; fare collection area; bus service maintenance bays; parts room; heavy equipment storage shed; soil/gravel storage area; Highway Services bays; compressed natural gas fast-fill, gasoline and diesel fueling stations, and employee and visitor parking.

The environmentally-sensitive design of EMOC increases the size of existing facilities, but does so within a smaller footprint by using multi-story buildings. Many acres of green space provide for stream buffer protection and forest conservation. The overall project is designed to achieve a LEED Gold certification by incorporating innovative features. A pilot project, which is the first in the State of Maryland, will reclaim, treat and reuse rainwater for toilet flushing and bus washing, reducing water use by 80 percent. Seventy five percent of the building roofs, more than four acres, will have green roofs to decrease stormwater runoff.

Project Features and Design

The New Equipment Maintenance Operations Center (EMOC) is all located north of Shady Grove Road and west of Crabbs Branch Way extended. Two major county departments are the tenants in this multi-functional facility, Department of Transportation and Department of General Services.

The new facility at 16624 Crabbs Branch Way (Casey 7) includes Maintenance Building, Parking, Fare Collection, Fleet Services and Storage Building. These facilities are about a 192,440 SF Footprint or 323,981 Gross SF. The new facilities include Highway Services, Contractor Check-in, Salt/Sand Barns, Bunkers, Covered Storage, Covered Heavy Vehicle, Fuel Island, and Day Labor. These facilities are about a 148,321 SF footprint and Gross SF.

Total current facilities are on 28 acres and total new facilities are on 41 acres. However, since the new design includes many acres of stream buffer protection, forest conservation and newly created green areas the total footprint occupied by the new facilities is smaller than the existing facilities. This has been achieved mainly by designing a multi-story facility with partial cars and buses parking on elevated parking structures as well as multi-story support functions. The new design supports 200 buses and 187 heavy vehicles while the existing facilities support only 163 buses.

Community Coordination: From the early stages of planning county staff has conducted numerous meetings with the community to present ideas and receive feedback from the community. Main community concerns were noise, view, traffic and pollution. County staff and a team of consultants evaluated all possibilities and suggestions and incorporated all feasible ideas in the design. The result has been a truly community friendly and environmentally sensitive design. The M-NCPPC Planning Board applauded the team for a very successful, responsible, and innovative design.

Innovation & Design Process

  • Design of efficient automated bus washer, and water reclamation system capable of treating contaminated water runoff saving about 80% of the water used in the wash process and reduces sewer discharge by a similar amount.
  • MCG is dedicated to implementing and maintaining a green cleaning policy.
  • Day lighting into vehicle maintenance bays through glazed panels and transoms.
  • Solar lighting is provided on the parking roof.
  • All the exterior lighting is LED.
  • The elevator's EcoDisc permanent-magnet synchronous motor uses 60-70% less energy than conventional elevators.
  • Active and passive noise reduction measures including equipment location, operation, enclosures and building heights/orientation.
  • More than 4 acres of vegetated roof.

Project Information:

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Vicinity Map

EMTOC - Vicinity Map

Overall Site Plan

EMTOC - Overall Site Plan

Perspective View from Shady Grove and Crabbs Branch Way

EMTOC - Perspective View from Shady Grove and Crabbs Branch Way

View from Crabbs Branch Way

EMTOC - View from Crabbs Branch Way

View from Shady Grove and Crabbs Branch Way

EMTOC - View from Shady Grove and Crabbs Branch Way