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Weatherization Program

Program for Qualified Montgomery County Residents to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Do you need caulking, insulation and weatherstripping for the home you own or rent? Does your gas or oil furnace need a clean and tune?

To qualify you must:

Family Size Yearly Income Monthly Income
1 $18,000 $1,517
2 $24,500 $2,042
3 $30,800 $2,567
4 $37,100 $3,092
5 $43,400 $3,617
6 $49,700 $4,142
7 $56,000 $4,667
8 $63,300 $5,192
Each additional person $6,300 $525

When you apply you must have verification of income such as:

Applicants accepted on a first come, first served basis. Priority given to the elderly and persons with disabilities who meet the income guidelines.