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Workforce Housing (WFH)

Olney Springs
Olney Springs
The Village at King Farm
The Village at King Farm


Montgomery County is pleased to announce that the Workforce Housing Units in Olney Springs have been sold.  The Housing Opportunities Commission has a two bedroom, two bath Workforce Housing garden condominium unit for sale for $289,268.00 at the Village at King Farm in Rockville. Contact Gabriela Merida at (240) 627-9594 or

Workforce Housing Program

The goals of the Workforce Housing program are to:

Workforce Housing is intended to be affordable to households with incomes that are too high to be eligible to participate in the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program.  Maximum annual household income for Workforce Housing units must be between $52,500 and $138,500, depending on the number of persons in the household.