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Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control

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What You Need to Know about Montgomery County's Local Liquor Operations

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2015 Alcohol Legislation

2014 Alcohol Legislation

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2012 Alcohol Legislation

2011 Montgomery County Alcohol Legislation:

  • 2-11, Montgomery County Alcohol Sales- Burtonsville Towne Square and Hillandale Shopping Center
  • 3-11, Montgomery County Alcoholic Beverages- Beer and Wine Sampling or Tasting License
  • 9-11, Montgomery County- Town of Kensington- Off Sale Beer and Light Wine Licenses
  • 14-11, Montgomery County Alcoholic Beverages- Special Culinary School License


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DLC Partners with Anheuser-Busch

In an effort to combat under 21 drinking rates in Montgomery County, during graduation season and into the summer months, the Department of Liquor Control (DLC) is teaming up with industry leader Anheuser-Bush, Inc. to launch an educational effort aimed at alcohol retailers.

The educational materials include ID checking guides, We ID buttons, posters, clings and more. Materials will be distributed at the free ALERT classes, in the Licensing Office and through local alcohol inspectors. For more information or to order materials directly, email


Mystery Shop Program

In an effort to raise alcohol compliance in a positive way, the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control has partnered with the Responsible Retailing Forum (RRForum), a national research-based non-profit organization, to conduct a Mystery Shop program to (1) provide alcohol retailers with detailed feedback on employee age-verification conduct and (2) recognize businesses whose staff are properly checking IDs.
Starting in mid - September, Mystery Shoppers will visit a number of Bethesda businesses to purchase an alcoholic beverage. These Mystery Shoppers -- individuals in their early twenties, but always over 21, are of legal drinking age. However, they are young enough that they should trigger an ID check by the clerk or server. At the time of the sale, a Green card will be handed to the clerk or server who correctly checks ID. A Red card will be given to the manager on duty if staff fails to check an ID. There are no penalties or fines associated with this program, just feedback.
All individual Mystery Shop results will be kept confidential by RRForum. A report will be generated and shared publicly sometime in October detailing overall results for Bethesda.
There is also an extra incentive for business who check IDs carefully. Along with a mailing that will go out to all Bethesda licensed businesses detailing the program, we will be enclosing cards that identify the Mystery Shoppers that may be visiting the facility. Any staff member who recognizes a Mystery Shopper from inspecting his or her ID, and hands the shopper the card, will receive $100 in cash at a later date.
For more information on the national program, and past results, check out the RR Systems Project Report online, on the RRForum website, For local program questions please call the Outreach Office, 240-777-1904 or email

A alcohol licensed establishment newsletter with important
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SAFEnet Newsletter
A newsletter covering LRE happenings, licensed establishment reminders, and under-21 alcohol prevention.


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Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!

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