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Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control

Division of Licensure, Regulation and Education

FAQsWhen is the Licensing Office open to the public?

Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM.  For more information or assistance, please call 240-777-1999. 

FAQsHow do I apply for a New or Transfer Alcoholic Beverage License?

Department of Liquor Control has put together a "How to Apply" brochure.  Click here to view. 

FAQsDoes the Department of Liquor Control offer fingerprinting?

Yes, applicants can click here for more information including when you can get this service and the cost. 

FAQsHow do I obtain copies of past alcohol purchase invoices?

Current licensees can obtain a copy of past alcohol purchase invoices by calling Alex Caldas at 240-777-1902.  Please Note:  A $150 charge will be assessed to process a request for duplicate invoices.

FAQsWhat types of alcohol licenses are available in Montgomery County?

To view all classes with descriptions and annual fees click here.

FAQsWhat is the application fee?

All application fees are $600.00.

FAQsHow can New Applicants find additional information?

Please click here to view information for new applicants including applications and required paperwork. 

FAQsHow can a Transfer Applicant find more information?

Please click here to view information for transfer applicants including applications and required paperwork.

FAQsHow can an Existing Applicant find more information?

Please click here to view information for existing applicants including permit and special requests. 

FAQsWhere can I find more information on temporary or event licenses?

To view more information for temporary or event licenses including One Day Class C Licenses, Wine Festivals and Farmers Markets, click here

FAQsWhere can I find Board of License Commissioners Hearing Schedules and Agendas?

You can click here for more information regarding hearings. 

FAQsCan I view the County Rules and Regulations?

Yes, we have the County Rules and Regulation on our website.  Please click here to view. 

FAQsIs there a description of the Alcohol Enforcement Programs including Compliance Checks?

Yes, click here for an overview. 

FAQsIs there information on County Enforcement of Tobacco?

Yes, click here for more information regarding Tobacco Enforcement.

FAQsCan I view violation reports?

All Violation Reports are posted on the Department of Liquor Control's website, click here to be directed to the correct page. 

FAQsWhat trainings are offered through the Department of Liquor Control?

For information on trainings click here

FAQsHow do I register for an upcoming Alcohol Law Education and Regulatory Training (ALERT) Class?

Registration is recommended for all ALERT Classes to guarantee a seat.  To register call 240-777-1989 or email

FAQsAre State Certified Server Trainings available in Montgomery County?

For a listing of state approved trainings and upcoming scheduled classes, click here

FAQsWhat is the Keeping It Safe Program?

“Keeping it Safe” is a public education campaign outreaching to both the hospitality industry and the community with free educational materials and programs.  For more information click here.

FAQsHow do I find out more information on Business Alliances?

The Business Alliance program helps build safe and vibrant communities through comprehensive prevention, education and enforcement programs addressing alcohol abuse, drinking in public and related community concerns.  Alliance initiatives have a direct impact on the neighborhood’s alcohol related social issues. For more information, click here.

FAQsHow do I find newsletters and resources, including SAFEnet, Newslink, and Best Practices and Polices?

Please click here to find a library of resources, tip sheets, county laws, current and past newsletters. 

FAQsLRE In the News?

Please click here to view the media page including new releases, media clips and awards. 



Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!

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