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Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control

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Class C
Special License

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Best Practices

FAQ's on Class C One Day Special Events

Where to get alcohol for event:
All alcohol sold or served on the premises for which the Class C, Special License is issued, must be purchased directly from Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control Warehouse and/or one of its dispensaries. Please visit or call 240-777-1989 for further information and location of stores.

Persons are prohibited to bringing their own alcohol to the event. The "Rules and Regulations Governing the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Montgomery County", Section 6.3 states, in pertinent part: . . . it will be unlawful for any person to consume on the licensed premises of any licensee any alcoholic beverages not purchased from the licensee on the said premises . . .

Kegs must be purchased from the Department of Liquor Control Warehouse and/or dispensaries, or any off-sale beer and wine licensee located within Montgomery County, Maryland. All kegs purchased and consumed at such non-profit events must be in compliance with the State of Maryland/Montgomery County keg registration requirements.

Are alcohol donations allowed for 1-day event?
The Board has had many inquiries regarding suppliers or wholesales donating alcoholic beverages for events. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased in accordance with the information outlined in the previous paragraphs. However, the supplier may make a monetary contribution to the charity in the amount of monies necessary to purchase the alcohol.

Is a security plan necessary?
A security plan is required for all outdoor events and any other event expecting 300 or more attendees. The security plan should include:
- Food menu
- Security patrol/officers if necessary
*Please see sample security plans under the Best Practices link above.

Want to Hire Police Officers for Security?
Contact the Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) at 301-948-4286 or email  Request must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the event.  Cost is $50 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. 

Is a alcohol plan necessary?
A alcohol plan is required for ALL events.  Alcohol plans should include:
- An alcohol service plan
- Alcohol policies relating to under 21 alcohol use prevention & responsible sales
*Please visit the Best Practices link above for more information

Please Note: Payments for one day licenses are taken at the time of license pickup.

For more resources, tips sheets and county laws, click here

Any questions, please contact the Community Outreach Office
240-777-1904 or Emily DeTitta

Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!

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