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Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control

State Certified Alcoholic Awareness Training


• On & Off Premise retail alcohol beverage establishments are required to maintain at least one licensee or designated employee who has been currently certified in an approved alcohol awareness training program.
• Establishments in Montgomery, Harford and Howard Counties are required to have a certified license-holder or a certified person employed in a supervisory capacity designated by the licensee present during the hours in which alcohol may be sold.
• Certification must be renewed every four years to remain current.
• Failure to have a certified representative may result in license renewal delays, as well as, fines, suspensions or even revocation of your retail alcohol beverage license. Currently penalties for failure to comply are $100 for the first offense; and $500 fine or a suspension/revocation of the license, or both, for each subsequent offense.
• Temporary licenses (except those issued in St. Mary's County) and class E - steamboat, F - railroad and G - aircraft licenses are exempt from this mandate.


Certification is valid for a period of four years, and the holder shall complete retraining in an approved program for each successive four-year period. Below is a list of alcohol awareness programs that are approved by Maryland: 

For Maryland state approved alcohol awareness training programs:





Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!

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