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Commonly referred to as blacktop, hot mix asphalt (HMA) is a form of asphalt concrete that is mixed at a contractor's hot mix plant, transported to the roadway in dump trucks, placed using a paver, and compacted with steel-wheel or rubber-tired rollers. With routine preventative maintenance, HMA yields a service life between 15-20 years.

Please note: Paving, Resurfacing and Patching programs are seasonal activities, suspended from November to April.


Updated: 7/29/2016

Click on any linked Neighborhood name or Roadway to read or download a Project Newsletter describing the scope of the project.

Check back periodically as projects get added or scheduled. This schedule may be changed and substitutions may be made at any time due to weather and/or operational reasons.

PARKING – If you have a driveway, please park your cars in it during the posted dates. If you anticipate leaving for vacation during this time, or do not have a driveway, please leave your car keys with a neighbor or friend who can move your car when necessary. Cars that are not moved will be towed. Please help us avoid towing cars by following these guidelines. You can call the Montgomery County Customer Services at 311 for more information. 

Neighborhood/Roadway Estimated Start Date Status
Camotop Summer 2016  
Cog Wheel Lane Summer/Fall 2016  
Colesville Manor Summer 2016  
Glendevon Court Summer/Fall 2016  
Glenmont Forest Summer 2016  
Holly Grove Summer 2016 100%
Kaul Lane Summer/Fall 2016  
Lawland Court Summer/Fall 2016  
Leaman Lane Summer/Fall 2016  
Maydale Summer 2016 20%
McCrossin Lane Summer 2016 100%
Northwood Park Phase I Summer/Fall 2016  
Northwood Park Phase II Spring 2017  
Quail Valley Spring/Summer 2016 70%
Treva Court Summer/Fall 2016  
Westmoreland Spring 2017  

Resurfacing FAQ's


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