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Residential Roadway Rehabilitation

This project provides for the major rehabilitation of residential roadways in older communities, to include extensive pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction, such as the associated rehabilitation of ancillary elements that may be under drains, subgrade drains, and curbs and gutters (if present). This project will not make major changes to the location or size of existing drainage structures, if any. Pavement reconstruction is the rehabilitation or replacement of the entire existing pavement structure by the placement of an equivalent or increased pavement structure. Rehabilitation usually requires the total removal and replacement of pavement exhibiting widespread areas of fatigue-related distress, base failures, subgrade failures, and locations on which otherwise aggressive pavement restoration approach is deemed impractical.

Please note: Paving, Resurfacing and Patching programs are seasonal activities, suspended from November to April.

Click on any linked Neighborhood or Location name to read or download a Project Newsletter describing the scope of the project. Check back periodically as projects get added or scheduled. This schedule may be changed and substitutions may be made at any time due to weather and/or operational reasons.

Updated: June 29, 2016

The Alderleaf Rehabiliation Project commenced in Fall 2015 and is 45% complete.

The Edgemoor/Bradley Hills Rehabilitation Project started in April 2016 and is 20% complete.

The Bel Pre Woods Rehabilitation Project began in May 2016. The project has been split into several Phases due to the size of the community. Bel Pre Woods Phase I concrete replacement will begin in June 2016 while permanent patching will take place concurrently in Bel Pre Woods Phase II.

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