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   Montgomery County Department of Transportation
   Division of Parking Management  


Isiah Leggett
County Executive
County Seal
Arthur Holmes, Jr


Dear Carpool Applicant:

Thank you for your decision to carpool! By ridesharing you help clear the air, save energy, and reduce traffic congestion.

Please find enclosed all materials necessary for the completion of the carpool application process. Please have each member complete all materials and mail or hand deliver the completed packet to Montgomery County Commuter Services, 8413 Ramsey Avenue , Silver Spring , Maryland 20910 .

Once the completed packet has been received by Commuter Services please allow two working days for processing (this does not include U. S. Mail time).

Once you receive the validated carpool application, you may proceed to:

1 ) The Parking Sales and Collection Office at 809 Ellsworth Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910, or call 240-777-8744 to obtain the permit for all garages/lots not operated by a cashier attendant.

2) The manager's office within the specific garage that is operated as a cashier facility to obtain the required passcard.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call (240) 773-8747, then press option 1

Thank you,

Commuter Services Section


Montgomery County Commuter Services
8413 Ramsey Avenue · Silver Spring , Maryland 20910
PHONE: (240) 773-8747· FAX (301)565-5890


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