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Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green

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Purpose of this Task Force:

The Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green (KMCCG) formerly known as Keep Montgomery County Beautiful (KMCB) program was started in 1983. It encompasses a series of initiatives designed to maintain the County's high quality environment, especially in connection with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). The MCDOT Director maintains an informal citizen advisory committee called the KMCB Task Force.

The KMCCG Task Force is a group of concerned residents who, during the mid 1980's, joined with the County government to develop beautification projects and anti-litter and recycling programs.

During 2013, the Task Force advised MCDOT on various beautification programs included the Storm Drain Marking program, Adopt A Road (AAR) volunteer program, and creation of the Adopt A Spot program.  The KMCB Beautifiation Grant which provided up to $500 in financial assistance to community landscaping projects has re-opened and now active!  Previous topics of discussion at the these meetings have included learning about Maryland's Champion Tree program and other environmental issues; Department of Environmental Protection Rainscape Program; FY17 budget planning, education and eradication activities of the  Graffiti Abatement Partners, Inc. (GRAB)Regional Anti-Litter Campaign in addition to enforcing anti-litter laws and signage;  MC Litter Control legislation; creation of a Merchants Keeping Montgomery County Beautiful initiative;  Certified Green Business program; the Alice Ferguson Foundation's Potomac Watershed Cleanup and other environmental issues to support the Potomac River Watershed Treaty; the Public School System’s Environmental Literacy and Maryland's Green Schools programs; tree preservation; Champion Tree program; expansion of County’s plastics recycling program, illegal signs enforcement and laws; School Energy Recycling Team program; collaboration on the Monthly AAR Communication eNewsletters; and the organizing of the yearly Beautification Awards Ceremony for the Landscape and Amateur Photography competitions.

The Task Force reminds anyone wishing to assist with roadside clean up can join the more than 450 groups and individuals currently participating in the Adopt A Road program. The KMCB Beautification Grant has been reinstated, and provides up to $500 in financial assistance to community landscaping projects.

Who are the members of the KMCCG Task Force?

Members of the Task Force include citizens; local business people; garden club representatives; the Montgomery County Conservation Corps members; area bottling companies and recycling representatives; civic association officers; and County staff.

What is the mission of the KMCCG Task Force?

The Task Force functions to educate and change citizen attitudes about littering; support cleanup and beautification projects; encourage citizens and businesses to extensively recycle; and improve awareness about graffiti in the community.

What are the major KMCCG programs?

What other programs does KMCCG support?

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To report graffiti in Montgomery County call 301.607.4722 or email - to request a magnet and form (shown below) email your address to:

How can I learn more about KMCCG?

Information about participating in one or all the Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green programs please attend the next KMCCG Task Force meeting above or contact the program office at or 240.777.7155.

Your litter hits close to home

If you have other questions or concerns email or call our hotline at 240-777-7155 (make sure to speak clearly when leaving a message).

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Your litter hits close to home



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