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Montgomery County Board of Elections

-Deadline to Register to Vote
  October 14, 2014 at 9:00pm (Registration now closed until November 17, 2014)

-Early Voting For the General Election
  October 23 to October 30, 2014 (10am to 8pm)

-General Election

  November 4, 2014 (7am to 8pm)

-November General Election Sample Ballot




The Montgomery County Board of Elections is evaluating possible early voting sites for the 2014 Gubernatorial Election cycle.  The Board has received public comment from citizens regarding possible locations.  The Board has posted the public comments for informational purposes only.  The comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board or any of its Members.  The deadline to submit comment is September 17, 2013.


Comments received through July 29, 2013

Additional comments received through September 17, 2013