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Medical Assistance Waiver for Older Adults


How to Apply

 Interested persons currently living in the community who are interested need to contact the Statewide Waiver Services Registry at 1-866-417-3480.

Nursing home residents whose stay has been paid for by Long Term Care Medicaid for one day or more should call 240-777-1334.

Documents To Bring

Beginning September 1, 2006, people applying for Medicaid benefits, including Medicaid Waivers and current Medicaid beneficiaries at the time of financial re-determination, will have to prove their citizenship and identity.  

Eligibility Requirements

The client must be at least 50 years of age, have a monthly income of no more that 300% of SSI level, $2094 per month as of January 1, 2012,   The allowable assets are $2,000 to $2,500 (depending on eligibility category).  Participants also need to meet Medicaid’s long-term care admission criteria (nursing home level of care).

Fees and Payments

There is no cost to the client for this program.  It is a Medicaid Service and is paid for by Federal and State Medicaid funds.


1.   Is there a waiting list for the Waiver?

Medicaid’s Home and Community Based Services waivers are limited by enrollment caps and budget allocations.  Vacant slots in the program are filled on an on-going basis throughout the year.  Individuals living in the community who are interested in applying for the Waiver should add their name to the Waiver Services Registry.  To add your name or family member to the Waiver Services Registry please call (toll free) 1-866-417-3480.  The State will notify registrants as slots become available.

2.  I am in a nursing home with Long Term Care Medicaid and I am interested in going home, but I will need help.  Do I need to put my name on the Registry?

No.  Anyone who is in a nursing home on Long Term Care Medicaid is immediately eligible to apply for the Waiver for Older Adults.  Anyone interested should call 240-777-1334 and ask for information regarding applying for the Waiver.  A worker will be assigned to meet with you to provide counseling on options available.

3.  Will the Waiver for Older Adults only provide services to people who can live independently?

No.  The Waiver for Older Adults may provide services to low-income adults living at home or in a licensed assisted living facility.

4.  I received a packet of information from the State that says my name came up on the Registry, but the forms are confusing.  What should I do?

Call the Waiver office at 240-777-1334 and a worker will be assigned to meet with you to assist you with the application process.

5.  Does the Waiver for Older Adults provide 24 hour care in people’s homes?

The Waiver for Older Adults may provide services to assist clients with their activities of daily living (ADLs).   The case manager will work with the client and their support system in an attempt to identify a safe plan that will allow the client to remain in the community.  The Waiver for Older Adults does not provide 24-hour care.

6.  What are the maximum hours that I can get with the Waiver for Older Adults?

The hours of care received are based on the individual’s health, functioning and care needs as assessed by a registered nurse. The plan of care is based on the overall needs of the individual, and must maintain cost neutrality. 

7.  I am in a nursing home in Montgomery County, but I will be returning home to my home in another jurisdiction.  Who should I call?

Call the Montgomery County Waiver for Older Adults office at 240-777-1334.  A case manager will assist you with your transition home, and then the case will be transferred to the appropriate jurisdiction.

8. Can I move to another jurisdiction after I begin receiving services?

Yes.  The Waiver for Older Adults is a state-wide program.

9. Will the Waiver for Older Adults transfer to another state?

No.  The Waiver for Older Adults is a State-run program for Maryland residents. 

10.  What happens if I get sick while I am on the Waiver and have to go to the hospital?  Will I have to apply all over again?

No.  Your case manager will work with you and the staff at the hospital to ensure a safe discharge. 


 Additional Information

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