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Child Care Subsidy Programs


How to Apply

Complete an application (use link to SAIL), sign and submit in person, online or by fax to the Child Care Subsidy Office (240-777-1342)

Documents To Bring

Eligibility Requirements

Families in the following categories may be eligible:

Family Size

Maximum Annual Income

Family of 2


Family of 3


Family of 4


Family of 5


Family of 6


Family of 7


Family of 8


Family of 9


Family of 10


NOTE: For teen parents and non-parent custodians $5,000 is disregarded from their gross annual income

Fees and Payments


1.   I received the vouchers by mail.  What do I do with them?

For POC:   The provider must fully complete Section IV, (Provider Information), at the bottom of the voucher.  The client and the provider must both sign and date the voucher.  The client keeps one copy, the provider keeps one copy and the original is returned, fully completed, to the Child Care Subsidy Programs at 7300 Calhoun Place, Suite 700, Rockville, MD  20855, immediately or within sixty days after the authorization date of the voucher.  After sixty days from the authorization date, the voucher expires.

For WPA:   The client receives a set of monthly vouchers.  Each voucher is handed to the provider on the given month. The provider must complete all sections of the voucher except for the box requesting the client’s signature.  The client will sign and date this section.  Five days before the end of the month, the provider will mail the top, white copy fully completed to the Child Care Subsidy Programs at 7300 Calhoun Place, Suite 700, Rockville, MD  20855.  The pink copy of the voucher is kept by the client for her/his records; the yellow copy of the voucher is kept by the provider for her/his records.

2.   Why does the Working Parents Assistance Program require that we file child support through the court?

The goal of the WPA program is economic self-sufficiency.  If the child support is court ordered, a child is eligible to receive child support until the emancipation age of 18.  However, government subsidies will end before the emancipation age.  Often when pursuing child support, paternity is also established.  Establishing paternity gives a child born outside of marriage the same legal rights as a child born to married parents.  These include:  Social Security benefits, Veteran’s benefits and inheritance rights.  If the absent parent stops paying support and the payments have been ordered by the court, the court will be able to enforce the order and hold the absent parent accountable and in contempt of court.

3.  What are the advantages of using licensed care?

Licensed providers must attend educational orientations regarding child health and safety, child supervision, and general program operations.  They must complete 24 hours of child development courses along with a Basic First Aid Certification.  Licensed providers must have a criminal background check, have an emergency plan in place, and pass inspection of their homes from the Licensing Department and Fire Department.

4.  My provider sent in the POC voucher fully completed and signed, the invoices were completed and returned but she has not gotten any payment.  What can she do?

The provider should  call the Baltimore office at 1-866-243-8796 for payment questions


 Additional Information

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