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Medical Assistance (Medicaid/MA) Program


How to Apply

You can apply for Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid and MA) online at, by mail or fax, or you may file in person at a regional office location based on your zip code.  Applicants are seen on a walk-in basis.  

Please see the first question in the FAQ section below for more information about where to apply based on your zip code.

Individuals who wish to apply but do not speak English or have limited English proficiency will have access to an interpreter.  The interpreter may be a local department staff member, an individual designated by the applicant, an individual outside the agency who is proficient in the customer’s language, or the department can use the Language Line. An interpreter cannot be a minor child.

Documents To Bring

In general, the following documents are needed:

  • Proof of identity
  • Social Security number (not the Social Security Card)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status for non-U.S. born applicants

Other information may be required once the interview has been completed

Eligibility Requirements

The Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid or MA) program provides health care benefits to eligible county residents.  With the start of the Affordable Care Act in 2013, Maryland was one of the states that expanded eligibility for Medical Assistance.  The coverage groups for Medical Assistance are as follows:

  • Families and Children:  Federally matched Medical Assistance is provided to families and children under age 21 meeting specific income levels.  A family’s gross income and assets are considered in determining eligibility.

  • Pregnant Women:  Federally matched Medical Assistance is provided to pregnant women meeting specific income levels.  Newborns of mothers with coverage at the time of the birth receive coverage automatically for one year if they reside with the mother.  The mother continues to receive coverage for 60 days following the birth of the child.

  •  Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP):  Federally matched Medical Assistance is provided for children up to age 19.  Income levels allowed depend on the age of the child. 

  • Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD):  Federally matched Medical Assistance is provided to aged (65 years or older), blind or disabled individuals.  Income and assets are taken into consideration.  Benefits are available to persons younger than 65 if they have a disability, as defined either by a review team or based on the fact that they receive Social Security.  Those eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) automatically qualify for Medical Assistance.

  • Medicare Beneficiary Program:  Those eligible for Medicare may receive coverage for payment of premiums if their income is within specific limits through the Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program (SLMB).  Coverage may also be provided for Medicare deductibles and co-pays through the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program (QMB).

Fees and Payments



1.  Where should I apply?

Applicants are encouraged to contact an office location based on their zip code. See the listing of those zip codes (below) that correspond to each office.

Rockville Office (1301 Piccard Drive)

20810 20811 20812 20813
20814 20815 20816 20817
20818 20824 20825 20827
20830 20832 20833 20847
20848 20849 20850 20851
20852 20853 20854 20856
20857 20858 20859 20860
20861 20862 20889 20891
20892 20894 20895 20896
20897 20902 20906  

Silver Spring Office (8818 Georgia Avenue):

20707 20777 20783 20866
20863 20901 20903 20904
20905 20906 20907 20908
 20910 20911  20912 20914
20915 20916 20918 20993


    Germantown Office (12900 Middlebrook Road):

20837 20838 20839 20841
20842 20855 20871 20872
20874 20875 20876 20877
 20878 20879  20880 20882
20883 20884  20885 20886
20898 20899 20997 21771



 Additional Information

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