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Dental Services for Adults and Seniors

How to Apply

Most patients are referred from other County programs, shelters or community-based programs in which they are already enrolled. Adults (ages 19 - 59) may apply at the Rockville Pike Dental Clinic located at 1401 Rockville Pike.  Seniors (ages 60 and older) may apply at the Office of Eligibility & Support Services listed below. To obtain more information or schedule your own appointment call the Main Dental Program Line at 240-777-1875.

Where to Apply

Office of Eligibility & Support Services are located at:

Piccard Drive Health Center
1335 Piccard Drive, 2nd Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Silver Spring Health Center
8630 Fenton Street, 10th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Upcounty Regional Center
12900 Middlebrook Road, 2nd Floor
Germantown, MD 20874

Documents To Bring

  • A photo identification card
  • Any other cards you may have from a Montgomery Cares Clinic, another County or community program, or the County Service

Eligibility Requirements

  • Montgomery County resident
  • Age 19 or older
  • Family income no greater than 250% of federal poverty guidelines 
  • Uninsured or have no dental insurance

Fees and Payments

A fee will be charged for each visit.   Please call for more information.


1.   Is there a flyer / pamphlet with detailed information on your program?

No.  Details are provided over the phone, at the clinics, and on the Internet.

2.   Do you provide dentures?


3.   Where can I get free dental care?

There are no clinics that advertise free dental care.  However, payment options that may help you may be available.

4.   Do you provide braces?


5.  Do you take Medicare?

No.  However, if you do not have dental coverage under your Medicare insurance, you could be eligible for dental care in our clinic, provided you also meet the income eligibility criteria.

Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time




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