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Dental Services: Children


How to Apply

If your child is already enrolled in the County Care for Kids program, you may call a County Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment for his/her dental check up.  Please call the Dental Clinic number that is closest to your home.  For general information, or if your child is not enrolled in Care for Kids, please call the Main Dental Program at 240-777-1875

Documents To Bring

Please bring the Care for Kids eligibility card.   

Eligibility Requirements

Fees and Payments

A fee will be charged for each visit.   Please call for more information.


1.  Is there a flyer or brochure with detailed information on your program?

No.  Details are provided over the phone, at the clinics, and on the Internet.

2.  Where can I get free dental care?

There are no clinics that advertise free dental care.  However, there may be payment options that may help you.

3.  Do you provide braces?

No.  Braces are provided under the specialty practice of Orthodontics.  We can provide you with various resources where you can find out more about this type of specialty care.

4.  Do you pull teeth?

Yes, we sometimes provide non-surgical extractions, but only at the recommendation of the examining general dentist.  For more complex needs, beyond the normal practice or capabilities of the general dentist practicing in the public health clinic, you will be provided with a list of resources.  


 Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time