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Maternity Partnership/ Prenatal Care Program


How to Apply

Please apply in person through one of the County Service Eligibility Units (SEU) listed in the Locations section on the previous page. Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.   Services are provided through three local hospitals:  Holy Cross, Washington Adventist and Shady Grove Adventist..

Documents To Bring

Eligibility Requirements

Fees and Payments

Montgomery County and the participating hospitals help keep the costs for prenatal care as low as possible.  However, there is a $450 co-pay due to the hospital for the prenatal visits and services.  This co-pay is to be paid directly by the pregnant woman to the hospital providing her prenatal care and the future delivery of her baby.   


1.  How do I apply for the Maternity Partnership Program?

You may complete an application at one of the Montgomery County Service Eligibility Unit listed above.  Please bring all required documents to show you are eligible.

2. Are prenatal care services in the Maternity Partnership free once I have been accepted into the program?

No.  As a Maternity Partnership recipient you are required to pay an established co-payment to the hospital where you will receive her prenatal care.  The $450 co-payment is paid at the time of your first visit to the hospital-based prenatal clinic. 

3. Are laboratory tests provided?

Yes. The program covers free laboratory tests for routine lab work recommended during a pregnancy.

4. Which hospital will I go to for my prenatal care services?

Once you are accepted into the Maternity Partnership program, you will receive an orientation to the program.  Your hospital assignment for the prenatal care and the delivery of the baby will be provided at that time.


 Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time