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Refugee & Asylee Health Program

How to Apply

All applications/referrals to the Refugee & Asylee Health Program are made through the Maryland Office of Immigrant Health and the Suburban Washington Resettlement Center.  

Documents To Bring

Refugees and asylees should bring all overseas medical documents and/or proof of asylum to the Refugee Health Clinic at the Dennis Avenue Health Center.  

Eligibility Requirements

Only refugees and asylees are eligible for services in the Refugee and Asylee Health Program. 

Fees and Payments

 No fees are charged. 


1. What is a refugee?

Refugees are persons who are granted protective status while outside of their country of origin.  Typically, they were forced to flee their homeland because of persecution or a well founded fear of persecution on any of five grounds:  race, religion, nationality, social group, or political stand.

2.  What is an asylee?

Asylees are persons who, on their own, travel to the United States and then apply for or receive a grant of asylum.  They may enter as students, tourists, businessmen, or even in undocumented status.  Once in the United States they cam apply for asylum, a status that will acknowledge that they meet the definition of a refugee and thus remain in the United States.

Additional Information

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