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Nadim Khan Memorial Homeless Resource Day 

Planning Committee Members:

Kim Ball, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)/Special Needs Housing
Sara Black, DHHS/Special Needs Housing
Magda Brown, DHHS/Public Health Services/Montgomery Cares
Amanda Harris, Chief, DHHS Special Needs Housing -- Coordinator
Aneise Childress-Harvell, DHHS/Special Needs Housing
Maureen Herndon, City of Gaithersburg
Gloria Huggins, DHHS/Special Needs Housing  -- Administrative Support
Tanya Jones, DHHS/Special Needs Housing
LaSonya Kelly, DHHS/Public Health Services/Montgomery Cares
LaShawn Kyle, DHHS/Special Needs Housing
Tawana Lofton, City of Gaithersburg
Luis Martinez, DHHS/Office of Community Affairs
Lisa Newman, lenz360 Marketing
Francis S. Person, DHHS/Information Technology
Howard Pumphrey, Community Advocate
Stella Sharif-Chikiar, DHHS/Public Health Services
Sharon Sierra-Koscinski, DHHS/Special Needs Housing
Nili Soni, DHHS/Special Needs Housing
Nik Sushka, Montgomery College
Monica Talley, DHHS/Children, Youth and Family Services
Myriam Torrico, Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Ace Thompson, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless
Lucy Vitaliti, Montgomery College


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