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Selection Information

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This section provides resource materials to HR Liaisons, hiring managers, subject matter experts/raters that they may need for our applicant rating, interview and selection process and procedures, and the wage equity process required when hiring new MCGEO represented employees.


The resources offered in this section provide templates, instructions and guidelines for the merit system rating process.
Numeric Rating Form Sample - This is a sample of the rating form that is forwarded to the subject matter experts/rater to rate applications based on the preferred criteria for the position.
Rater Review Instructions - Here are screenshots with instructions to subject matter experts/raters on how to view resumes in iRecruitment. 
SME Disclaimer Form - All subject matter experts/raters are required to complete the Disclaimer Form after they rate the resumes.
This section provides tools to managers and interviewers regarding the County's merit system interview and selection process.
Hiring Manager Instructions - Here are screenshots with instructions to hiring managers on how to view resumes in iRecruitment.
Selection Guidelines - These are the Interviewing and Selection Guidelines all hiring managers and interviewers would need to be familiar with and use in the interview and selection process.
Selection Guidelines Forms - Selection forms in a Word template for HR Liaisons and Hiring Managers to use during interviews.
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