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Tom Hucker


Councilmember Tom Hucker

Tom In the News

  • March 8 – DCW50
    • Montgomery County council passes urban farm tax credit bill
    • Excerpt: The Urban Agricultural Tax Credit bill passed 8-0 and will give properties that qualify up to an 80% exemption on property tax. Councilmember Tom Hucker was the bill’s main sponsor and said he hopes it encourages more people to start an urban farm.
  • March 7 – WJLA
    • Urban farm bill passes in Montgomery County
    • Excerpt: “The more we can grow healthy food close by, and reduce the food miles, the greenhouse gas footprint of bringing food from all over and the more we can create an opportunity for local students in an urban environment like Silver Spring to come right here and see where their food comes from,” said Councilman Hucker.
  • February 14 – WTOP
  • February 13 – WHAG
    • Stand-off spills into streets of Silver Spring over unionizing
    • Excerpt: “They're trying to organize a union. They've never had one,” said Tom Hucker, Montgomery County Council member. “We support their efforts to do that. If nurses vote to have a union, they should have one, and management shouldn't fight that." Nurses told WHAG they've been pulled from patients' rooms by management to discuss the ills of unionizing.”

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