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November 15, 2016 – Councilmember Leventhal speaks out against the recent spate of hate crimes committed in Montgomery County in the wake of the 2016 election. “We’re not here to criticize people’s political views,” said Councilmember Leventhal after passage of the resolution. “We’re absolutely not here to denounce a political party or a candidate. We’re here to denounce conduct that is harmful to civility and our ability to get along.”

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Councilmember Leventhal Introduces Measure to Prohibit Signs in the County's Public Rights-of-ways

On June 21, Councilmember Leventhal introduced Zoning Text Amendment 16-06 which would prohibit all non-permanent signs in public rights-of-way in Montgomery County. It is already illegal to place temporary signs in the county's public rights-of-ways, but the current law lacks the enforcement provisions that are necessary to keep our roads clutter and distraction-free.

“Everyone is aware of the proliferation of signs around roadways all over our County,” said Councilmember Leventhal. “In addition to being eyesores, the simple fact is, when people are reading signs, they are not watching the road and for other vehicles, they are not watching for people riding bicycles, they are not watching for pedestrians. The money of taxpayers goes for mowing and maintaining rights-of-way, and the intent of those tax dollars is not to have cleared areas for commercial businesses or candidates for office use those spaces. This legislation will provide the enforcement power needed to keep our rights-of-way open and make our roads safer.” For more information on this legislation, click here

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