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Common Ownership Communities

CCOC Educational Video Series  NEW!

OCP and the Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC) developed a video series to help homeowners, residents, and boards of Common Ownership Communities learn more about their community.  View the videos below:

Image of a house
What is a Common Ownership Community?
Commissioners in a meeting room
CCOC Overview
image of a house for sale titled buying a home in a community association
Buying a Home in a Community Association
photo of people around an office table
Homeowner Roles & Responsibilities
Image of residential buildings with covered sitting area
Architectural Rules
picture of a large building foyer
Before Filing a Complaint
image of people around a meeting table
The Mediation Process
image of person (hands only) looking through complaint file
The Complaint Process 
image of slide titled Preparing for a hearing
Preparing for a Hearing
Image of condo building
The Enforcement Process
image of deck titled how association rules & governing laws interact
How Association Rules and Governing Laws Interact

photo of ccoc commissioners during a meeting
Board Roles & Responsibilities
Slide titled holding an election
Holding an Election
Picture of condo building
Condos, Insurance, and the Duty to Repair
picture of person standing in leaves titled budgeting and the reserve fund
Budgeting and the Reserve Fund