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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get into the Academy?  Why does the employment process take so long?

The time frame from submitting an employment application to the time that an applicant actually enters the Training Academy can vary from approximately four months to nine months.  Processing large numbers of applicants requires substantial time. Personnel Division staff must process, schedule, and administer a series of testing components that are designed to identify quality applicants whose background and experience are indicative of the type of individual this agency is seeking to serve our growing and diverse community. Upon the successful completion of these initial testing components, applicants may be assigned for a background investigation. Depending on an individual’s life history and experiences, this process can take from several weeks to a couple of months to complete. Upon the successful conclusion of this phase, a polygraph examination may be scheduled. Those applicants successfully completing the polygraph examination may be given a conditional offer of employment at which time they are scheduled for the written and oral psychological examinations as well as being scheduled for a medical examination. If an applicant successfully completes these examinations, he/she may be offered final employment and will be notified of the start date for the Academy.

Can I laterally transfer to the Montgomery County Department of Police from another Police or Sheriff’s department?

At this time, we are not conducting lateral academy classes.  Lateral officers are required to attend the 26-week entry level police academy.

In order to be considered for employment with this agency, applicants must meet all established pre-employment minimum requirements and successfully complete all testing, screening, and background screening components.

lateral police officer, as defined by the Montgomery County Police Department, is an officer who has served with a :

  • Federal police/law enforcement agency
  • State police/law enforcement agency
  • County police/law enforcement agency
  • State/County Sheriff’s department
  • City/Municipal police/law enforcement agency
  • University/College police agency
  • Military Police Unit

The lateral employment program will provide up to a maximum of five years of starting salary/pay incentives for qualified candidates.

The calculation for years of experience will include a pro-rated formula for partial years of service.

This program does not and will not provide for the lateral transfer of rank or rights to any seniority status.

A number of applicants may want to pursue the option of purchasing retirement credits for prior service. The following provides very basic information concerning this benefit:

  • Applicants employed under this program may be eligible to purchase prior, Federal, State, and Municipality retirement service. Eligibility is determined by the County’s Office of Human Resources.
  • Applicants who have been members of another public sector retirement system with the State of Maryland or another municipality credits from another system to Montgomery County’s retirement system. Title 37 of the Annotated Code of Maryland governs the transfer of retirement credits. Check with your retirement system administrator for eligibility and other potential impacts to be considered prior to transferring to another employer
  • Applicants may also be eligible to purchase prior military service which again, the County’s Office of Human Resources determines eligibility.

Another issue of significant importance to applicants considering transferring from one law enforcement agency to another, is what training requirements will they be required to complete. Recognizing the importance of this issue to both the applicant as well as the department, the following training requirements have been established for those applicants employed under our lateral program:

  • For those applicants possessing Maryland certification, we require the successful completion of a shortened Training Academy compliance class of approximately 12 weeks. In those instances where a candidate fails to successfully complete this shortened training session, or in those cases where the department determines that an applicant requires additional training, participation in the basic 26-week entry level training segment may be an option.
  • Non-Maryland certified officers will be required to attend our basic 26-week entry level recruit Training Academy and successfully complete this component.

Prospective Maryland-certified laterals will receive up to the 5 years of lateral pay but will be required to complete the 26-week academy.   All graduating candidates will be required to successfully complete the respective Field Training component upon graduation from the Training Academy.

Is there an accelerated testing process available for applicants who may live out of state?

Yes!  The Montgomery County Department of Police does offer accelerated testing/processing to out of state applicants. Our process will require at least three to five (3-5) separate appointments in order to fully complete the employment process. All processing will take place at our Montgomery County, Maryland facilities. Time permitting, out of state applicants will be given priority in completing the initial written test and oral interview on the same day.

Can I substitute law enforcement or military experience for the required college education requirement?


The Montgomery County Police Department will also accept:

  •  Three (3) years of active duty military service with an honorable discharge - OR -
  • Three (3) years of full-time law enforcement officer experience recognized by MCPD; i.e., work as a sworn, government agent with full arrest powers eligible for rehire may be substitued for education requirement. Documentation will be required to be eligible for these subsitutions.

Is there an age limit for applying to this agency?

No, as long as you meet the listed minimum qualifications for the position, you may apply.

If my eyesight has been surgically corrected, will I be eligible to participate in the employment process for Police Officer Candidate?

Applicants who have undergone eye surgery to meet minimum vision standards as listed within our minimum qualifications may be required to submit medical data at their own expense to demonstrate visual stability.

If employed as a Montgomery County Police Officer, is there a residency requirement, meaning do I have to live in Montgomery County?

No.  Police Department employees are not required to live in the County. However, in order for police officers to be eligible for the Take-Home Car program, County residency is a requirement. The Take-Home Car program authorizes unlimited usage of the assigned police vehicle within the County. This program is governed by existing guidelines and collective bargaining agreements.

I am fluent in a foreign language. How would this assist me in obtaining a position as a police officer with your agency?

Montgomery County is a culturally rich and diverse community. The need for bilingual employees is critical to the success of our community policing efforts. The County government authorizes pay differential for those employees possessing this critical skill. To be eligible for this pay differential, all employees must participate in a language certification program that evaluates the skill level of those employees possessing language skills. (Language skills include American Sign Language). Based on the certified skill level and the number of hours worked in a given year, a language pay differential of approximately $1,000 dollars to $4,000 dollars per year, over and above base salary may be earned by a Police Officer.

Do rank and file police officers belong to a union?

All officers below the rank of Lieutenant are members of, and are formally represented by, the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) Lodge 35. Lieutenants and above may maintain membership in a non-union employee organization known as the Alliance of Police Supervisors.

How many Training Academy sessions does Montgomery County schedule every year and how long does a training session last? 

The department hosts one to two academy sessions per year, usually starting in January or July.   The Academy is 26 weeks long. Upon the successful completion of the Academy, the officer will be assigned to a Field Training patrol shift for an additional 14 weeks. Our uniform patrol officers work four ten-hour shifts per week.

What is the work schedule during the Training Academy and will I receive a salary/paycheck during training?

The basic schedule during the Academy’s training component is generally Monday through Friday, eight hours per day. There may be occasions when the recruits will have to work evenings and weekends in order to accommodate certain training components. All recruit trainees will be paid their respective starting salary during this time frame.

If I successfully complete all of the testing and background investigation components, do I have to wait until the actual class start date before I can be employed with your agency?

At the present time, we have suspended the early hire program.  All hired candidates will start on the assigned academy date.


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