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Office of Procurement



The mission statement of the Interagency Procurement Coordinating Committee (IPCC) reflects a commitment to provide leadership in the area of procurement.

By incorporating environmental considerations in public purchasing, major agencies of Montgomery County can serve this commitment by reducing its burden on the local and global environment, removing unnecessary hazards from its operations, protecting public health, reducing costs and liabilities, and potentially improving the environmental quality of the region.  These agencies include Montgomery County government, Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College, Housing Opportunities Commission, and Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  This policy is an effective way to support the County’s overall effort in environmental sustainability.

The responsibility for implementing this policy lies not within any single agency, but with everyone involved in the procurement process.  From the establishment of the need by the end users to the final purchase by the procurement staff (cradle to grave requirements).


The IPCC member agencies’ departments will use, where feasible, products that perform and reduce damage or increase benefits to the environment, including services, environmentally preferable products (EPP), reusable products, recycled content, and recycled products.  In recognition of County’s role as a major purchaser of goods and services, the IPCC shall seek opportunities to encourage and influence markets for environmentally preferable products and services through employee education, research of new products and standards, and leveraging cooperative ventures with other agencies.  The type of categories may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Landscaping Products
  • Office Products (paper, paper products, and non-paper products)
  • Vehicular Products
  • Transportation Products
  • Cleaning Products
  • Asphalt Products
  • Miscellaneous Products


IPCC Member Responsibilities:


Inform departments, agencies, and vendors about our Policy;

Research and maintain information about environmentally preferable products and services available for use by departments, agencies, and vendors, whenever possible;

Promote the use of recycled-content products, recyclable products, and other environmentally preferable/sustainable products by creating an EPP toolkit of currently available EPP products and services, third party certifications, as well as general green specifications for various product categories available, for use by departments and agencies in preparing solicitation documents;

Publicize the availability of preference for recycled products by incorporating them in bid specifications, where practicable, as already allowed.