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Office of Procurement

Solicitation Postings

Please select the appropriate tab below to view the listing of active County solicitations.

Parking at the Office of Procurement

This is to NOTIFY Offerors and Bidders that the 255 Rockville Pike garage will be temporarily unavailable beginning June 10, 2016, due to repairs. Please allow ample time to submit your Proposals and Bids on-time, as required. Late submitted Proposals or Bids will be rejected by the County. Click here for a map of alternative parking solutions.

The following are sealed Bids/Proposals which will be received in the Montgomery County Office of Procurement, Suite 180, Rockville Center, 255 Rockville Pike, Maryland, 20850, for the purchase of Supplies, Equipment and Services for the Montgomery County Government.

Solicitation Fees: Payment of non-refundable copy fees is required for paper copies of solicitations. Solicitations are mailed upon receipt of a written request received with payment, or they may be picked up upon receipt of payment. Cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, & Discover) are accepted. Make checks or money orders payable to MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND.

Solicitation Amendments: To provide quick access through electronic communication the Office of Procurement will no longer routinely mail solicitation amendments. Solicitation amendments will be posted on this site and may occur anytime prior to the solicitation due date/time. As a courtesy the Office of Procurement intends to email solicitation amendments to holders of record with valid email addresses. However, it is still the responsibility of the bidder/offeror to frequently visit the Office of Procurement’s website to obtain solicitation amendments. Amendments to construction solicitations may be mailed if there are plans or other documents that can not be made available electronically.

County Bill 23-04: Effective January 1, 2006, County Bill 23-04 requires all County Departments to contract a minimum of 20 percent of annual solicitations to local small businesses. In order to implement this law, the legislation created the Local Small Business Reserve Program. The solicitations identified as such are reserved for vendors registered with the Local Small Business Reserve Program.

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services, bid holder list and download instructions.

An Informal Solicitation is a procurement accomplished without an invitation for bids, request for proposal, or request for expressions of interest. It is not subject to formal public notice. Departments will typically post informal solicitations for a period of five business days.

Please click the solicitation number for the scope and information on how to obtain the informal solicitation

  1. Procurement Regulations 27-03AM, § define Open Solicitation as: ...a process by which the County accepts applications for a contract on a continuing basis and awards a contract to each applicant who meets pre-established objective qualifications. An Open Solicitation permits the County to receive and act on an application for a contract award on a continuing basis.
  2. This listing is provided for your convenience. Please click the solicitation number for scope of services and contact information to obtain a copy of the solicitation document(s).


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