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Legislative Work 2011

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  • Bill 37-11

    Title: Motor Vehicles and Traffic - School Bus Safety Cameras
    Lead: Ervin
    Cosponsors: Andrews, Rice, Berliner, Elrich, Navarro
    Latest Action: Signed into Law – 3/16/12, Ch. 1 LMC 2012, Effective 6/15/12

    Bill 37-11 Authorizes installation of cameras on County school buses to photograph vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses.

  • Bill 32-11

    Title: Boards, Committees, and Commissions - Committee Evaluation and Review Board - Report
    Lead: Navarro and Rice
    Cosponsors: Ervin and Riemer
    Latest Action: Signed into Law – 11/21/11, Ch. 21 LMC 2011, Effective 2/20/12

    Bill 32-11 requires an evaluation process of current county advisory boards, committees & commission to determine efficacy and provide recommendations to the County Council regarding possible restructuring or elimination.

  • Bill 26-11

    Title: Taxation - Development Impact Taxes - Payment
    Lead: Reimer
    Cosponsors: Ervin, Berliner, Floreen, Leventhal, Navarro, Rice
    Latest Action: Signed into Law – 11/9/11, Ch. 19 LMC 2011, Effective 12/1/11

    Bill 26-11 requires developers to pay transportation and school development impact taxes before they are issued a building use and occupancy permit

  • Bill 17-11

    Title: Personnel - Other Post Employment Benefits Trust - County-funded Agency
    Lead: Ervin
    Cosponsors: Navarro, Floreen, Andrews, Riemer, Rice, Leventhal, Elrich, and Berliner
    Latest Action: Signed into Law – 7/11/11, Ch. 14 LMC 2011, Effective 7/1/11

    Amend the Board of Trustees for the Retiree Health Benefits Trust to include a member from MCPS and Montgomery College


  • Bill 8-11

    Title: Taxation - Excise Tax - Disposable Carryout Bags
    Lead: Council President for County Executive
    Cosponsors: Rice, Elrich, Navarro
    Latest Action: Signed into Law – 5/11/11, Ch. 6 LMC 2011, Effective 1/1/12

    Impose an excise tax on certain carryout bags to customers at certain retail establishments

  • Bill 1-11

    Title: Administration - Department of Health and Human Services - Duties
    Lead: Leventhal
    Cosponsors: Navarro, Rice
    Latest Action: Signed into Law – 3/10/11, Ch. 3 LMC 2011, Effective 6/9/11

    Authorize and amend duties/functions of HHS relating to the provision and promotion of health care













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