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Craig Rice


Councilmember Craig Rice

Legislative Work 2017

Bill 30-17

Title:   Weapons - Discharge of Bows - Amendments
Lead: Berliner, Leventhal, Katz, Rice, Elrich, Riemer, Navarro, Hucker, Floreen
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 9/26/17 - Effective  9/261/17


Bill 30-17 reduces safety zone for archery hunters to within 50 yards of a building making it consistent with amended state law.

Bill 24-17

Title:   Land Use Information - Burial Sites
Lead: Rice, Berliner, Leventhal 
Co-sponsors: Katz, Navarro, Riemer, Elrich
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 11/1/17 - Effective  


Bill 24-17 would require the County Planning Board to establish and maintain an inventory of burial sites and revise that inventory annually as research reveals additional sites or errors in prior research.

Bill 23-17

Title: Animal Control - Performance Animal - Violations
Lead: Rice, Leventhal 
Co-sponsors: Katz, Navarro, Riemer, Elrich, Hucker, Berliner
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 12/18/17 - Effective  3/19/2018


Bill 23-17 protects wild animals by prohibiting traveling animal acts.

Bill 21-17

Title:   Animal Control-Municipal Dog Exercise Area
Lead: Katz
Co-sponsors: Berliner and Rice
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 8/1/2017- Effective  10/31/17


Bill 21-17 allows a dog to be off leash if it is in an area that a municipality has identified as a dog exercise area and amends the definition of at-large animals. Without this change in County law, municipalities would continue to be prohibited from establishing dog exercise areas.  The bill gives the county’s 19 municipalities the ability to create designated exercise areas for off-leash dogs.

Bill 13-17

Title:   Taxation - Property Tax Credit for Retired Military Service Members-Eligibility
Lead: Floreen
Co-sponsors: Berliner, Rice, Katz, Navarro
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 7/7/17 - Effective 7/1/17


Bill 13-17 expands on the property tax credit previously enacted for certain senior individuals and retirees of the armed forces to include retired members of the uniformed services, the military reserves, or the national guard.

Bill 9-17

Title:   Fuel-Energy Tax - Exemptions - Amendments
Lead: Leventhal
Co-sponsors: Berliner, Elrich, Hucker, Katz, Rice, Riemer, Navarro
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 5/25/17 - Effective 7/1/17


Bill 9-17 will provide those County residents who are unable to install solar panels, such as a renter or an owner of a cooperative or condominium whom purchase solar energy from a Community Solar Energy Generating System an exemption from the County fuel-energy tax. The purpose of the bill is to encourage customers to purchase solar renewable energy.

Bill 8-17

Title:   Executive Branch Business Solutions Group Established 
Lead: Berliner, Elrich
Co-sponsors: Rice, Berliner, Navarro, Riemer, Elrich, Hucker
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 5/12/17 - Effective 8/11/17


Bill 8-17 creates a Business Solutions Group to assist, inform and advocate on behalf of businesses, helping them better comply with County requirements and regulations.  

Bill 1-17

Title:   Contracts and Procurement - Vending Machine Service Contracts - Healthy Vending Standards
Lead: Leventhal
Co-sponsors: Rice, Berliner, Navarro, Riemer, Elrich, Hucker 
Latest Action:

Signed into Law - 4/24/17 - Effective 7/24/17


Bill 1-17 amends the County Procurement law by requiring any new County vending machine contract to follow certain health vending standards.  Vendors must provide at least 50% of healthy snacks and drinks in vending machines (65% as of July 2018) that meet the following requirements:  no more than 200 calories per package; 35% or fewer calories from total fat or sugar, less than 10% of calories from  trans-fat and  have at least one food item meet the FDA low sodium definition. Beverages must be less than 250 calories or no more than 20 fluid ounces, and every vending machine must offer water.  

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