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Division of Solid Waste Services

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recycling bin, paper cart, and trash canColumbus Day, October 12, 2015: All County-provided recycling and trash collections will be made on their normal schedule this week. Transfer Station open October 12. See holiday details. Sign up for our service updates and reminders.

Shred your confidential documents at our Fall 2015 Community Paper Shredding and Recycling Events events.

OPERATING STATUS: Recycling/trash collection - normal schedule ∣ Transfer Station recycling/trash drop-offs - normal hours

Change from private to County-provided trash collection service

The basic steps required to request a change from privately-contracted trash collection service to County-provided service (or vice versa) are

  1. You submit a petition for the change, signed by 25 percent of the homeowners in your proposed collection area.
  2. Division of Solid Waste Services staff will review the petition.
  3. If the petition is accepted, all homeowners within the proposed boundaries will be notified by mail, and will be asked to vote whether or not they want the County-provided service.
  4. A public hearing will be held on the proposed change.
  5. The votes will be tallied after the hearing.
  6. A decision will be made and homeowners will be notified about the outcome.

See detailed version of request process

Comment on County-provided trash service

Complete this online form, or call Joe O'Donnell, Collections Program Manager, at 240-777-6404

Better understanding residents' needs and wishes for trash collection helps us plan and develop our programs and services.

Even if you are not interested in pursuing a community collection service request at this time, knowing of your interest in our service is helpful.