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Division of Solid Waste Services

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recycling bin, paper cart, and trash canMonday, May 30, 2016, Memorial Day: No County-provided recycling or trash collections on May 30; all pickups this week slide by one day. Transfer Station drop-offs and offices closed on May 30.
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OPERATING STATUS: Recycling/trash collections - normal schedule ∣ Transfer Station recycling/trash drop-offs - normal hours

What to do when your recyclables/ trash are tagged and not collected

Recycling and trash collection crews place orange tags on your materials when they are not accepted for pickup that day. The tag should be filled out, explaining why the material was left at the curb. Please contact us if you have questions about the tag or why your items were not collected.

Yard trim

Use paper bags for leaves and other yard trim, not plastic.Leaves, grass, brush, and other yard trimmings must be packaged in paper bags, reusable cans, or with twine, as relevant.

This bag shown was tagged because the leaves are in a plastic bag.

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bulky trash set at the curb for collectionBulk trash

Bookcases, desks, shelves, large doll houses, televisions, and other bulky items are not normal household trash.

This pile was tagged because pickup of bulk trash must be scheduled in advance if you receive County-provided trash service. If your trash service is by "private subscription," contact your collection company directly for information on their services.

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Blue recycling bins are for "commingled" materials -- cans, bottles, jars, containers, and lids -- only. Items like toilet seats and furnace filters should go into your normal household trash.

toilet seat in blue recycling bin  furnace filter in blue recycling bin

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Large Appliances

metal appliance set out for collection as trashLarge appliances are recyclable through our scrap metal recycling program. This clothes washer was tagged and left behind because it was set out as trash, and a scrap metal pickup had not been requested for it.

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