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Look Ahead - Week of October 15 to October 21

Executive Summary

The project is currently tracking slightly ahead of schedule and on budget.

Mass excavation for the building and garage foundations continues and is scheduled to finish in early-January 2018.

The Support of Excavation (SOE) system advances vertically with the depth of excavation to provide stability to all surrounding areas. At present, the depth of the excavation is at 20 feet advancing towards 55 feet which is the bottom of the hole.

Follow the Excavation via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view the construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Demolition of the Mid-County Regional Services Center Building

The Mid-County Regional Services Center Building was vacated on August 31 and will be demolished as part of the planned Plaza development south of Reedie Drive. Building demolition is scheduled for mid-November 2017. The building has been decommissioned including disconnection and removal of public utilities (water, gas, electric, CATV). A temporary fence has been installed to safeguard the site.

Service providers formally located in the Mid-County Regional Services Building have relocated as noted in the Special Bulletin.

Support of Excavation System (SOE) System

The Support of Excavation will advance with the depth of excavation. Tie-backs (see photo) are being installed as an integral component of the Support of Excavation System. The Support of Excavation will advance to the bottom of the hole.

Mass Excavation

Mass excavation for the building foundation continues. Presently, the contractor has excavated approximately 20 feet deep, is excavating daily, and is continuing towards a 50 feet deep hole. The bottom of the hole is expected to be reached in early-January 2018, weather permitting.

Approximately forty (40) dump trucks are assigned the task of hauling away excavated soils making several trips daily. All trucks are entering and exiting the site using the two (2) construction entrances along Grandview Avenue.

Dust Control

The recent rain and damp weather has significantly improved dust control. Nevertheless, the contractor continues a power broom operation daily and sweeps Grandview Avenue and the surrounding area. Additionally, water is being applied within the site to abate dust on an as-needed basis. In spite of continuous efforts, some dusting throughout the immediate area is unavoidable. The project team will continue daily with ambitious and unrelenting efforts to control dust.

All soils hauled offsite are tested in compliance with MDE requirements to ensure “clean soils” with no contamination leave the site.

Site Dewatering

Mass excavation and construction of the building foundation requires the lowering of the groundwater table, which is generally 35 feet below the existing ground surface. The dewatering process will temporarily lower the groundwater roughly 25 feet to allow for construction. Dewatering is currently underway and will continue over the next 22 months at which time it will restore to normal levels.

Administrative Preparations

The Contractor, Architect, Developer, and Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) are busy exchanging and reviewing detailed submittals to ensure strict compliance with project specifications and all applicable building codes. In all, over 2,000 separate submittals will be developed, exchanged, and reviewed by the project team. No construction is permitted to proceed until all related material submittals, craftsman qualifications, testing, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control has been approved.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Excavation and disposal of excess soils.
  • Support of Excavation including placement of lagging boards and tie-backs (see photo).
  • Testing of all soils before hauling offsite.
  • Testing and monitoring of groundwater discharge.
  • Monitoring Inclinometers for slope stability.
  • Survey point monitoring for slope stability.
Project photo
Support of Excavation
Installation of Tie-Backs
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