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Department of Economic Development - Agricultural Services


The 2015 Buy Local Challenge

Pledge to "eat local, eat fresh!" during Buy Local Week...The Dates for the 2015 Buy Local Challenge are July 19th through July 26th.

You'll enjoy food that's bursting with flavor and nutrition, and you'll help your family and our farm community to keep growing!

When you discover the benefits of buying from your local farms, farm stands, farmers' markets, wineries, grocers and markets that stock genuine local products, and dining at restaurants that serve local farm food, we hope you'll decide to shop local year round!

For more information on the Buy Local Challenge, please follow this link to the Main Buy Local Challenge Website


The Buy Local Challenge is designed so that you can participate as little or as much as you like--the important thing is to start thinking FRESH, LOCAL, SEASONAL when you make choices about buying and preparing meals, snacking, and dining out.

Meal Planning

An omelet made from local eggs at breakfast...local tomatoes on your sandwich at lunch...local wine with your dinner all help to support local agriculture, while enhancing your dining experience.


Did you notice that Buy Local Week is eight days long? That's so you'll have TWO Saturdays to hit the farmers' market in your area. Now would be a perfect time to stop by that colorful farm stand you pass on the way home from work, or pull into one of our many farmers markets to bring up an array of succulent fresh fruit or vegetables!

Need help finding genuine local products? Use our Farm Directory to locate farm fresh produce, meats, flowers, plants and other agricultural commodities. 

Dining Out

Many restaurants offer food fresh from a local farm. Ask your favorite restaurant proprietor if they buy local whenever possible and if they don't, challenge them to do so! It will make your dining experience more enjoyable while helping to support local agriculture.

Annual Farm Tour, July 25 & 26, 2015

We invite you to join us again this year, as we celebrate Montgomery County's agricultural heritage through the 26th Annual Farm Tour & Harvest Sale. Spend a day or two in the country petting farm animals or having lunch by a scenic pond. Purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and more. It's an educational experience and a great family outing!

Eat Seasonally

Enjoying the freshest greens or the juiciest peach means eating products during their various growing seasons.


Don't forget to think local when you're craving that mid-afternoon snack! Flavorful, crunchy veggies in a light dip is far healthier than salty snacks or candy.


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