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Meet Your Match

At the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center, we use an innovative program called “Meet Your MatchTM” to facilitate the adoption process for dogs and cats.  Meet Your MatchTM, a science-based program designed by the ASPCA, evaluates each shelter animal’s behavior and personality traits and matches them to an adopter’s preferences and lifestyle (sort of like “eHarmonyTM” for pets!).  Potential adopters fill out a simple survey, and based upon their answers they are matched to one of three color categories.  These colors correspond to colors on each shelter animal’s living quarters, making it easy for adopters to see which animals are best suited to their lifestyle.

Potential adopters are encouraged to fill out a Meet Your MatchTM survey and an adopter information sheet ahead of time and to bring them to the shelter.


Watch the Canine-alityTM Video:


Is the perfect kitty for you and your family an "MVP" or a "Secret Admirer"? Is your new dog a "Teacher's Pet" or a "Wallflower"? Learn more about all the different Canine-alities and Feline-alities.



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