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Bethesda/Chevy Chase Regional Services Center

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center
4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814
JANUARY 17, 2011

The meeting was called to order at the above regional service center at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:   Jeffrey Hearle, Chair; Heather Dlhopolsky, Vice Chair; Margaret (Peggy) Dennis; Tara Flynn; Harlivleen (Livleen) Gill; Daniel Hoffman; Ilaya Hopkins, Sally Kaplan; Aileen Klein; Marc Korman; Virginia Miller; Scott Goldberg; Nancy P. Regelin; Syed M. Salahuddin; Jane Boynton.

Minutes of Previous Meeting.  The minutes of the Board's meeting on November 21, 2011, were approved without amendment.

2012 Leadership Elections.  For the year 2012, Heather Dlhopolsky was proposed for the office of Chair of the Board and  Daniel Hoffman was proposed for the office of Vice-Chair.  On motion by Jad Donohoe, seconded by Marc Korman, the proposed officers were elected by acclamation.  At this point, after brief remarks by Jeffery Hearle, Ms. Dlhopolsky assumed the office of Chair and Mr. Hoffman assumed the office of Vice-Chair.  Ms. Dlhopolsky presided over the rest of the meeting.

Public Safety Report.  Commander Dave Falcinelli, Police District 2 - Bethesda, presented a public safety report providing quarterly crime statistics for the Bethesda area.  Commander Facinelli addressed questions about how Police compile and collect crime data and encouraged residents to report suspicious activity.

County Council Report.  The County Council has scheduled public hearings on FY 13 Capital Budget and FY 13-18 Capital Improvements Program on February 8 and 9, 2012.  The February 9 session will be devoted to the portion of the CIP budget related to the Montgomery County Public Schools.  Cindy Gilson, aide to Council President Roger Berliner, reported that the MCDOT Capital BikeShare Project is currently included in the draft FY 13-18 Capital Improvements Program.

Ms. Gilson also reported that members have not been appointed for the Committee Evaluation and Review Board ("CERB"), which is responsible, under Code � 2-146, as amended in Bill No. 32-11 (enacted on November 11, 2011 and effective on February 20, 2012), for a review of the county committees, commissions and boards.  Since CERB has not yet been activated, no deadline has been established for WMCCAB to advise CERB whether WMCCAB "should continue," and if so, to provide CERB with the information specified in � 3(b)(2) of Bill No. 32-11.

Director's Report.  Ken Hartman, Director of B-CC Regional Services Center, reported on the Goodwill Dinner held to serve needy individuals in the B-CC area, which 450 attended, and (b) a two-part interactive workshop organized for community leaders by the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County and the B-CC Regional Services Center.  Copies of a handout entitled "Build a High-Performing Community" were distributed to the Board members and made available to the persons attending the meeting.  The first part of the workshop was scheduled for January 21, 2012; the second part  is scheduled for February 25, 2012.    

Housing Policy Letter.  On motion by member Jeff Hearle, seconded by member Ilaya Hopkins, the Board approved, with minor amendments, a draft letter on Montgomery County housing policy previously circulated to the Board.

2012 Committee Chairs.  The Board approved assignment of Board Member John Thomas as chair of the Board's Land Use/Transportation Committee and Board Member Marc Korman as chair of the Boards Quality of Life/Public Safety Committee.

Rapid Transit.  Thomas J. Street, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for Montgomery County, who was joined by Montgomery County Councilmember Marc Elrich, reported on the present status of the Rapid Transit Vehicle program (also known as the Bus Rapid Transit program), which Councilmember Elrich originated and is actively supporting.   The Transit Task Force, announced on February 28, 2011 "whose mission is making a comprehensive rapid transit system a reality in Montgomery County"(see, is working to establish a world-class rapid system employing buses rather than light-rail cars.  The contemplated rapid transit system was based in part upon a Parsons Brinkerhoff study of existing rapid transit systems in the United States.   The network being considered would be designed so that 60 percent of Montgomery County households are within one and a half miles a station.  An interim report of the task force is expected in March or April 2012.

County Executive's Budget Forum.  The citizens budget forum held by County Executive Isiah Leggett on January 9, 2012 was discussed.  The Board decided not to form an ad hoc committee to deal with budget issues at this time.

Residential Drainage Problem.  Board Member Ilaya Hopkins alerted the Board to problems in county residential neighborhoods caused by which sump pumps and other water systems emptying water on the public streets or neighboring property.  Ms. Hopkins will draft, for the Board's consideration during its February 2012 meeting, a letter to the County Executive with recommendations for dealing with these problems.  

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.