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First Nine Energy Bills Pass Unanimously & Signed On April 22, Earth Day, the first 9 bills in Councilmember Berliner's Environmental Package passed with the unaminous support of his Council colleagues. They were signed by County Executive Leggett (in the ceremony seen above) on May 1st. 

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Road Repair & Utility Work - Bradley Boulevard & Signed  Bradley Boulevard, which is maintained by the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and serves as a primary commuter and transit route through my district, has been the site of an ongoing WSSC restoration project. I recently sent a letter to the SHA and WSSC asking that they reevaluate their permitting process for work along roads such as Bradley Boulevard to ensure that mistakes seen with this project - frequent road closures, nighttime work on the weekends, and the general pace of the utility work - do not happen again. I am grateful that the WSSC responded in a timely manner, stating that that they are moving away from lowest-bid contracting and have recently been utilizing other selection.  


Untapped Perspective Event - We are invited and so are you! Streetsense, JBG and Clark Construction are co-hosting an event on July 16th to help engage people in the  planning for Downtown Bethesda.   The  event is geared toward 21 – 35 year olds who have some affiliation to Bethesda (live/work/play). Fall into that demographic? Please come! Streetsense says “we’d love to hear from you (and give you some beer, great food, and awesome giveaways).  Feel free to spread the word! As for giveaways… Streetsense tells us that you will have a chance to win 3 Drybar blowouts, Zengo Cycle 10-class packages, UFC Kickboxing memberships, $100 Uber credits… just to name a few!
















Bethesda Downtown Plan

After 20 years, the Bethesda Master Plan is getting a fresh new look. With the help of residents, businesses, and community groups, the Montgomery County Planning Department is looking to create a more modern Downtown Bethesda, while enhancing what has made this part of of our community such a success. The work on the Plan will be organized around three themes: social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability.

To begin this undertaking, the Planning Department and Parks Department collected information on the existing conditions found in Downtown Bethesda, including the environmental conditions, the historic resources, demographics and market/economic data (Which can be found in the Bethesda Briefing Book). With all of this information, the Planning Department will create a work plan and determine the scope of the work needed to properly meet the needs of all parties involved. Throughout the Spring of 2014 the Planning Department held public workshops & community meetings in order to take the current pulse of Bethesda residents, business owners, & stakeholders 

Coming in June 2014, the Planning Department will release its initial staff recommendations. After the initial set of recommendations are completed, the staff will create a draft for the Downtown Plan. After both of these documents are released, public comment will be solicited to help shape the collective vision of Downtown Bethesda. A helpful schedule of these proceedings can be found here

Once the Planning Board reviews and approves a Draft Plan, it will go to the County Council for review. In its review process, the Council will hold another set of Public Hearings in order to hear your thoughts on the plan before the Council. After the public hearings and the review processes of the Executive & Council, the Council will vote on adopting the Master Plan. 

For more information on the Bethesda Master Plan visit


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