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Transmission Facilities Coordination Group

Towers and Antennas Application

Application Deadlines

Modification and co-location applications should be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to a meeting.

Applications for new tower or monopole construction must be submitted at least four weeks prior to a meeting.

Submission of applications by these deadlines is not a guarantee that it will be on the agenda. Applications which are incorrect or incomplete cannot be processed until deemed complete and all relevant information in received.

Structural Analysis Request

Although not usually required, submission of a structural analysis (if one has been completed) will help answer structural questions before they may become an issue. The exception to the above policy is in the case of construction of new structures. If a new tower is required because the carrier asserts that an existing facility is not structurally capable of supporting its antennas, then a structural analysis of the existing structure may be requested to support the application.


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