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Court-Appointed Counsel in Guardianship Cases

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been adopted by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County (the Court) to ensure that appointments of Counsel for the Alleged Disabled Person and Guardians of Property are made consistently and equitably.

Download a printable version of these same policies & procedures (PDF)

  1. Roster of Court-Approved Counsel
    1. The Court will maintain a Roster of Court-Approved Counsel for the Alleged Disabled Person and Guardian of Property on the Court’s website and in a paper file maintained by the Guardianship Case Manager.
    2. A Review Committee, consisting of judges appointed by the Administrative Judge, will be established to ensure that attorneys added to the Roster of Court‐Approved Counsel and Guardian of Property meet the criteria listed above, and to rule on Motions for Fees.

  2. Attorney Qualifications
  3. Attorneys on the Court-Approved Roster shall meet the following criteria:
    1. Be a member of the Maryland Bar in good standing;
    2. Successfully complete six hours of training approved by the Court;
    3. Have at least three (3) years of practice experience in Family law, Guardianship law, and/or Elder Law, or other relevant experience;
    4. Maintain professional liability insurance, at the Attorney’s sole expense;
    5. Agree to accept at least one (1) pro bono appointment per year.

  4. Orders and fees
    1. The standard Order Appointing Counsel (PDF) shall be used in all cases.
    2. The hourly rate for Court-Appointed Counsel shall ordinarily be in a range between $100 and $250 per hour, unless there is a finding of extraordinary circumstances warranting a higher rate.
    3. A Review Committee judge shall review Motions for Fees.

  5. Court-Appointed Counsel Authority
  6. Court-Appointed Counsel and Court-Appointed Guardians of Property shall be permitted to reasonably delegate tasks to appropriate personnel, including but not limited to associate attorneys, paralegals, and clerical staff, provided however that the Court‐Appointed attorney shall supervise delegated tasks and must appear personally at court proceedings.

In guardianship matters, requests for attorney’s fees for the Alleged Disabled Person or fees for the Guardian of the Property shall be referred to the Guardianship Case Manager, who will review the requests and any responses.

After review, the Guardianship Case Manager will refer the request to a member of the Guardianship Fee Review Panel (Judge Bair, Judge Callahan, and Judge Jordan).

If the Guardianship Fee Panel Judge determines that a hearing is necessary, the hearing will be set on that judge’s docket.

Court-Approved Roster of Counsel in Guardianship Cases

NOTE:The following list is in alphabetical order; the Court makes no representation as to the competency of a particular attorney, but only that each attorney has completed the mandatory training and complied with the policies and procedures established established by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County for appointment of Court-Appointed Counsel for the Alleged Disabled Person and Guardian of Property.

It is anticipated that additional attorneys who have completed training and are eligible for appointment will be added to the list.

**Court appointed Counsel for the Alleged Disabled Person only and NOT Guardian of Property

Attorneys with More than 10 Years of Practice Experience

Name Telephone Number Resume
Asher, Howard (301) 588-4888 Download Resume (PDF)
Astrove, Lyda
**Court appointed Counsel only
and NOT Guardian of Property
(301) 340-9521 Download Resume (PDF)
Bach, David

(301) 738-7655

Download Resume (PDF)
Bienstock, Steven (301) 251-1600 Download Resume (PDF)
Bogin, Matthew (301) 656-1755 Download Resume (PDF)
Bullman, Barbara (301) 251-1458 Download Resume (PDF)
Butler, Theresa (301) 933-6400 Download Resume (PDF)
Campbell, Mary (410) 960-3169 Download Resume (PDF)
Caporaletti, Wanda (240) 453-9191 Download Resume (PDF)
Carlin, Brian (301) 656-3800 Download Resume (PDF)
Christopher, Julie

(301) 838-3257

Download Resume (PDF)
Coggins, Douglas

(301) 294-4050, x30

Download Resume (PDF)
Cohen, Steven

(301) 989-9090

Download Resume (PDF)
Cooper, Wayne

(240) 326-3760

Download Resume (PDF)
Diamant, Sharon
*Speaks Spanish and Hebrew

(301) 560-2685

Download Resume (PDF)
Elville, Steve

(443) 393-7696

Download Resume (PDF)
Fink, Stephanie

(301) 762-8872

Download Resume (PDF)
Fogel, Jo Benson (301) 468-2288 Download Resume (PDF)
Gardner, David (301) 762-8475 Download Resume (PDF)
Gomez, Luis
*Speaks Spanish
(301) 762-8011 Download Resume (PDF)
Hammond, Jeffrey (301) 861-4555 Download Resume (PDF)
Helwig, Nina (301) 424-1232 Download Resume (PDF)
Henry, William (301) 251-6120 Download Resume (PDF)
Johnson, Cheryl (240) 988-5530 Download Resume (PDF)
Karasik, Phillip
*Speaks Spanish
(301) 654-0154 Download Resume (PDF)
Klein, Morris (301) 652-4462 Download Resume (PDF)
Lappen, Arthur (301) 657-6264 Download Resume (PDF)
Link, Richard (240) 453-9191 Download Resume (PDF)
Lippman, Rebecca (301) 365-1451 Download Resume (PDF)
Loggia, Elizabeth (301) 762-1696 Download Resume (PDF)
Marshall, John (301) 340-3200 Download Resume (PDF)
McAuliffe, Michael (301) 762-1696 Download Resume (PDF)
McCarthy, Robert (301) 654-3730 Download Resume (PDF)
McQueen, Catherine (240) 507-1718 Download Resume (PDF)
Mehigan, Heather (301)255-0552 Download Resume (PDF)
Modell, David (301) 634-9820 Download Resume (PDF)
Murnane, Andrew

(202) 434-4550

Download Resume (PDF)
Nash, Henry (301) 998-6111 Download Resume (PDF)
Parvis, Lindsay (301) 340-9090 Download Resume (PDF)
Pierre, Marilynn (301) 279-9020  
Plotkin, Robert (301) 279-7389 Download Resume (PDF)
Price, Timothy (301) 762-1696 Download Resume (PDF)
Rochvarg, Ria
**Court appointed Counsel only
and NOT Guardian of Property
(410) 313-9725 Download Resume (PDF)
Simmons, William (301) 933-6400 Download Resume (PDF)
Sinay, Michael (301) 986-7900 Download Resume (PDF)
Skolnick, Shelton (301) 352-0200 Download Resume (PDF)
Smith, Karen (240) 338-0180 Download Resume (PDF)
Snee, Sheryl (410) 740-7418 Download Resume (PDF)
Stein, Theodore (301) 469-3350 Download Resume (PDF)
Sunderman, Heather (301) 664-7710 Download Resume (PDF)
Sweeney, Bernadette (301) 294-7200 Download Resume (PDF)
Wilson, Tammy (301) 933-4500 Download Resume (PDF)
Terenzini, Eden (301) 657-8808 Download Resume (PDF)

Attorneys with 7-10 Years of Practice Experience

Name Telephone Number Resume
Adams, Shanice (202) 489-4208 Download Resume (PDF)
Alegi, Karen (240)782-4400 Download Resume (PDF)
Conroy, Aindrea (301) 762-1696 Download Resume (PDF)
Davis, Kelly (301) 231-0957 Download Resume (PDF)
Foote, William D. Jr. (301) 251-5660 Download Resume (PDF)
Gary, Diana (301) 294-2334 Download Resume (PDF)
Hughes, Christina (301) 652-7595 Download Resume (PDF)
Hunter-Green, Michelle (301) 230-5200 Download Resume (PDF)
Knepper, Donald (301) 765-4473 Download Resume (PDF)
Markham, Jessica
Speaks Spanish
(301) 986-7900 Download Resume (PDF)
McDonough, Kathryn S.
*speaks Spanish
(301) 563-6685 Download Resume (PDF)
Nichols, Pilar
*speaks Spanish
(301) 762-8999 Download Resume (PDF)
Siribuo, Augusta (240) 291-4952 Download Resume (PDF)
Weber, Julie (301) 850-3387 Download Resume (PDF)

Attorneys with 3-6 Years of Practice Experience

Name Telephone Number Resume
Coleman, LaTosha (301) 340-1616 Download Resume (PDF)
Parsi, Shireen (301)762-8011 Download Resume (PDF)
Schiffer, Jennifer (301) 986-5570 Download Resume (PDF)
Simon, Stacie (202) 452-0000 Download Resume (PDF)
Singer, Kelly (301) 704-5346 Download Resume (PDF)
Wu, Melissa (240) 505-8649 Download Resume (PDF)
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