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Juror Qualification Form

Completing the Juror Qualification Form

There are two ways to complete the form:

  1. Online at OR

  2. By hand and return by mail (please remember to sign the form before mailing) to:
  3. Jury Commissioner
    Montgomery County Circuit Court
    50 Maryland Avenue, Room 2100, North Tower
    Rockville, MD 20850

Understanding the Qualification Form and Summons

  • Please complete the form in its entirety and return within 10 days of receipt to avoid penalties.

  • See a completed Juror Questionnaire (PDF)

  • Read BOTH sides of the summons before completing the Form.
  • When mailing your completed questionnaire, please retain the bottom portion of the summons, which contains your reporting instructions.
  • Follow the codes located at the bottom portion of the summons to provide necessary documentation if applicable.

  • NOTE:All requests for ADA accommodations must be made by phone.

If you have any questions regarding qualification concerns for student status, disability, military status, or prior service, please call 240-777-9090 between the hours of 10:30 am and 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

NOTE:If you have served FEWER than 5 days, you are eligible for service after 1 year. If you have served MORE than 5 days, you are exempt from service for 3 years.

Jury Qualification form

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