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Duties of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission

  • Evaluate the organization and adequacy of law enforcement and the administration of justice in the County;
  • Review and comment, at the request of the County Executive or County Council, on programs proposed by law enforcement and criminal justice agencies for:  long-term impacts on the criminal justice system, feasibility, and implementation issues;
  • Respond to requests from the Executive, Council, and the judicial system for any analysis concerning criminal justice programs;
  • Educate the community about law enforcement, crime prevention, reentry of individuals to the community, and other criminal justice issues, promote respect for law, and encourage community involvement in law enforcement and other appropriate components of the criminal justice system;
  • Facilitate coordination of the programs and activities of County law enforcement and criminal justice agencies;
  • Facilitate coordination of County law enforcement and criminal justice agencies with those of the State and neighboring state and local governments;
  • Promote efficient processing of criminal cases at every stage from arrest to completion of trial and correctional programs;
  • Serve as the Local Advisory Board that reviews and makes recommendations on all County Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG) expenditures;
  • Advise the County on how to achieve fair and effective law enforcement, crime prevention, and juvenile justice.
  • The Commission makes reports and recommendations to the Executive and Council as it finds appropriate.
  • The Commission must report to the Council and Executive on request.


Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission Montgomery County, Maryland
101 Monroe Street · 2nd Floor · Rockville, Maryland 20850 · 240.777.2539
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