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Montgomery County Correctional Facility Jail Graduation 2016

MCCF American Job Center Health & Wellness Fair October 2015

On Thursday, October 29, 2015 the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) in partnership with WorkSource Montgomery’s American Job Center and the MCCF Medical unit hosted its first Health & Wellness Fair. The goal of the fair was to: 1) Introduce participants to health and wellness resources in the local area (information providers, associations, health services, etc.) and  2) Motivate participants to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health through preventative practices.

For more information on MCCF American Job Center Health & Welness Fair Please click link :MCCF American Job Center Health & Wellness Fair October 2015

MCCF American Job Center Health and Wellness October 29, 2015



PBS Series Broken Justice 


Part 1| Aired 10/15/2015

Part 2| Aired 10/16/2015

President Obama addressed the NAACP in Philadelphia July 14, 2015 and noted the work of Montgomery County.  Specifically, he said

“Our prisons should be a place where we can train people for skills that can help them find a job, not train them to become more hardened criminals.  (Applause.)  
Look, I don’t want to pretend like this is all easy.  But some places are doing better than others.  Montgomery County, Maryland put a job training center inside the prison walls -- (applause) -- to give folks a head start in thinking about what might you do otherwise than committing crime.  That’s a good idea."  


The White House Office of the Press Secretary: Remarks by the President at the NAACP Conference,  Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 14, 2015

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