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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CountyStat a new technology project?

CountyStat is neither a technology project nor software, but is a technology-enabled process to identify and resolve issues in a systematic way.

2. Is CountyStat intended to help Montgomery County Government run like a business?

CountyStat is not about running government like a business. The ultimate goal is to ingrain the concepts of data-driven decision making into government culture and focus on department's efforts to deliver results.

3. Is CountyStat just a new type of “scorecard”?

CountyStat is not a scorecard or a dashboard. CountyStat is an internal performance management tool used to examine issues in detail through accurate and timely information.

4. Will residents be able to contact CountyStat for customer service issues?

CountyStat will not function as a customer service center. CountyStat is a process that works with departments to improve performance and accountability resulting in improved customer service.

5. Who attends these meetings?

CountyStat brings together high-level participants to improve performance and accountability within government. Regular participants include: the County Executive and Chief Administrative Officer, the CountyStat team, and departmental representatives.

6. Are CountyStat meetings open to the public?

CountyStat meetings are open to the public, except in the case where confidential personnel information is under discussion. However, due to the space limitations of the CountyStat office, meetings are currently by invitation only. Individuals can request to be invited and staff will do its best to accommodate. CountyStat welcomes the valued feedback of Montgomery County Residents and the public. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about an upcoming meeting topic, please send us an email.