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Department of General Services, Office of Energy and Sustainability


Request for Energy Proposals

Purchase of Electricity from Solar Photovoltaic Systems Hosted on Montgomery County Facilities

solar panelsThe Montgomery County Department of General Services (DGS) is the custodian of County buildings and sites and is responsible for the ownership, operation,maintenance, management, utilities and leasing of County facilities.

Montgomery County is launching an effort to identify and install solar photovoltaic systems in and around Montgomery County facilities. The County is specifically seeking a third party to install, own, operate and finance solar projects hosted on County facilities.

NACO 2013 Achievement Award

Facilities Lighting Fixtures Energy Efficiency Upgrade and Operating & Maintenance Cost Reduction

AwardeesIn FY2010, due to the availability of USDOE energy efficiency fund ARRA, two projects were successfully implemented with measurable and verified results. Currently there are four (4) additional projects being implemented. Initially adopted under the banner of "energy saving and energy efficient operation of the County facilities", these changes have resulted in tremendous annual and permanent cost savings to the County citizens and tax-payers, significantly reducing the O&M costs of County facilities, improving safety and security, as well as boosting employees moral and agronomics.

U.S. DOE Sunshot Initaitive

Helps Develop Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan for County Facilities

Montgomery County, Maryland was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (U.S. DOE) Sunshot Program to partner on efforts to expand solar and renewable energy markets by leveraging public infrastructure. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will provide the County technical assistance, funded by U.S. DOE, to develop a comprehensive renewable energy plan for County facilities. Specifically, the County will access national experts to develop an aggressive but obtainable goal for on-site renewable energy generation, standards for renewables in new facilities, and criteria for balancing renewable energy responsibly. Collectively, this work will help the County meet the requirements of Council Bill 8-14 Renewable Energy on County Facilities.

OES is Hiring!!!

Capital Projects Manager – Grade 28 (Energy Manager)

solar panelsThis position will implement the County's clean energy public private partnerships. Under this initiative, the County's public-private partners will design, install, operate, maintain and finance solar photovoltaic systems hosted on County roofs, parking lots and grounds. In exchange for access to County properties, the partner will sell the County electricity at a low, fixed rate for 15 to 20 years. This position is expected to manage this partnership and implement solar photovoltaic systems on multiple project sites simultaneously. This includes issuing task orders, coordinating improvements with building occupants and facilities staff, monitoring construction schedules and ensuring critical milestones are met.

Request for Energy Proposals

Microgrids on County Facilities (see News Release)
Register for pre-bid conference call on June 6, 2014 at 2:00 PM EST.

solar panelsA microgrid, for the purposes of this RFEP, is defined as a system of controls, generators (e.g., gas turbines, fuel cells), storage devices (e.g., batteries), and other technologies that enable a building to operate independently of the electric grid for prolonged periods of time.

DGS is custodian of County buildings and sites and is responsible for the ownership, operation, maintenance, management, utilities and leasing of County facilities. The County is specifically assessing the interest of third parties to install, own, operate and finance microgrids on buildings or properties owned or operated by the Montgomery County Department of General Services (DGS).

Utility Incentives

Did you know that incentives are available, through the Pepco Commercial and Industrial Energy Savings Program, to reduce the costs of energy efficiency improvements?

Montgomery County staff involved in building design, construction, and maintenance meet monthly with Pepco program representatives to identify incentives that can help the County reduce the electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of public facilities.

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