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Suppliers & Sales Reps

As a Supplier you will be updating Liquor and Wine Prices online using iSupplier.
In addition, you will be able to view approved Purchase Orders and Payments using iSupplier.
Beer prices will continue to be updated with your DLC Buyer (previously Natasha Wilkerson) by sending an email to them.
Please register all personnel who need to update prices, view Purchase orders and Payments on iSupplier.
Please note, prices can be updated from the second day of each month through the eleventh day, midnight. You will be updating prices for the following month.

As a Sales Representative effective February 01, 2015 you will use the iStore Internet ordering application to place an order on behalf of a Licensee.
DLC Buyers cannot process orders on your behalf.
Please register all personnel who need to place orders on behalf of Licensees by sending an email to
Provide company name, sales rep full name and vendor number (xxx-##), we will send you a temporary user and password along with registration instructions.

Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!
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